Vintage Wine Ratings

When talking about wine, the vintage simply refers to the particular year a grape is harvested from the vine. Vintage can tell you a lot about the wine you are about to drink, like the climate and weather conditions the grape was exposed to. Vintage wine ratings and reviews are a good way to choose which vintages would go well in your personal wine bar.

Vintage wine reviews, or vintage charts, are ratings of wine that are assembled based on the particular year, and can provide guidelines on whether you will have a good or bad wine drinking experience.

Vintage wine ratings and reviews like those found at Wine Spectator and Robert Parker can be very helpful when setting up your very own wine bar at home. One of the premier magazines on vintage wines offering vintage charts is Wine Spectator. You can check their vintage charts, ratings, reviews, and tasting notes for specific wines and vintages. Another place to look for vintage wine reviews and ratings is Robert Parker, an independent consumer’s guide to fine wines.

Wine Spectator’s vintage charts review the quality and rate the character of the wines from a particular region in a specific year, or vintage. Each year, Wine Spectator reviews new vintages from over 30 regions; each rating will help you make decisions on your personal wine bar by rating the general quality, reviewing the growing season and character, and recommending when the wines will be at their best. Like Wine Spectator, Robert Parker is a good place to go when looking for vintage wines to place in your home wine bar.

When stocking your wine bar, Robert Parker’s online vintage wine site is an invaluable resource offering extensive ratings and reviews on vintage wines around the globe. Free content at Robert Parker includes a vintage chart, a daily wine rating and review with tasting notes, and a discussion forum. The site also includes a vintage wine search where users can search a database of over 100,000 wine tasting reviews from Robert Parker wine books, The Wine Advocate, and other sources. When paired with Wine Spectator, Robert Parker can help you select vintage wines with their wine ratings and wine reviews.